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Burn Injury Attorney Colorado Springs

Burn injuries are among the most devastating types of injuries suffered by accident victims. Pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, and lengthy and costly recovery periods are all too common.

At Pribila and Fields PC, our Colorado Springs personal injury and wrongful death attorneys take special care in working with burn victims and their families. We know treatment and recovery is an emotionally exhaustime time. The last things on your mind should be the cost of treatments or the effectiveness of your law firm.

The outcome for burn injury victims, more than many other types of injury cases, can be significantly impacted by access to experienced and specialized medical care. This should not require protracted fights with insurance companies. Unfortunately, from the moment you notify a carrier of a claim, a dedicated team of legal and medical professionals is assigned to your case with one goal: To limit costs.

We believe anyone dealing with the serious personal injury or wrongful death of a family member deserves immediate access to experienced legal help. Our focus on personal injury and wrongful death litigation, and more than 40 years of combined experience, gives us access to the legal and medical experts that can help guide you through this difficult time, while protecting your rights at every stage of recovery.

Burn Injury Legal Help

Burns are caused by heat or contact with electricity or certain chemicals. Treatment depends on severity and scope of burn injury, which are categorized as first- second- or third-degree.

  • First degree: These are injuries that affect only the outer layer of skin (epidermis). Pain and redness result.
  • Second degree: These burns extend through the epidermis to the second layer of skin (dermis). Swelling, redness and white splotchy skin result. Severe pain and blistering typically result. Second-degree burns can leave lasting scars.
  • Third degree: These burns are the most serious, and extend into the fat layer beneath the skin. Burns may appear black, brown or white and the skin may take on a leathery appearance. Destroyed nerves, permanent numbness and scaring will result.

Many common complications can result from serious burn injuries, including:

  • Permanent nerve damage: Loss of feeling or movement
  • Permanent scarring: Disfigurement may impact quality of life, particularly when involving visible areas like hands, arms, neck or face.
  • Serious infection: Including sepsis, which can be life-threatening.
  • Low blood volume: Fluid loss may result in hypovolemia.
  • Low body temperature: Hypothermia.
  • Keloids: Ridges caused by the overgrowth of scar tissue.
  • Bone and joint problems: Contractures caused by shortening or tightening of skin, muscles or tendons.

Additional complications often result from chemical or electrical burns as well as burns or damage to the airways or lungs, which are the result of internal burns or smoke inhalation.

Burn Injury Claims in Colorado Springs

Building a comprehensive case for damages on behalf of burn injury victims and their families requires a team with considerable medical expertise.

Both economic damages, such as lost wages and medical bills, as well as non-economic damages, like pain and suffering, must be determined and backed by documentation and testimony from medical experts.

How an injury occurs will also guide how a case is pursued. There are significant differences when pursuing burn injury compensation stemming from a traffic collision, for example, compared to one that happens to an employee on the job. 

All of the costs of lengthy rehabilitation, including lost wages, must be sought so that a victim has every opportunity to make an optimal recovery given the unique facts and circumstances of injury and prognosis. 

Long-term consequences of burn injuries, including nerve and mobility issues, scarring, and disability, must also be fully determined.

In building a legal case for damages, all liable parties must be identified and compensation must be sought from all associated insurance companies. In work injuries, for example, an employee may be limited in seeking compensation from his or her employer, however third-party liability claims may be pursued against other at-fault parties, such as a subcontractor, property owner or equipment manufacturer. Failure to identify and pursue claims against all responsible parties will not only limit a victim’s ability to collect damages, but may also permit named defendants to shift blame to defendants not named in a lawsuit. 

Why Hire Pribila and Fields, P.C.

We believe our Colorado Springs personal injury and wrongful death lawyers are the best choice for serious injury claims. With more than 40 years of combined experience, and an exclusive focus on personal injury and wrongful death litigation, we have the experience, knowledge and resources, to handle even the most complex legal and medical claims. 

Just as importantly, our founding commitment to thorough communication with each of our clients gives families the peace of mind of knowing they can reach their attorney with questions or concerns, which allows them to focus on healing and recovery. 

Each lawyer at the firm has extensive communication with the clients that we are privileged to represent.  Clear and concise communication is our priority, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to keeping you informed – and not just through a representative or secretary, but you as the client have easy access to communicate with your lawyer personally. Our lawyers are dedicated to going the distance with each client to provide effective, personal representation.

Pribila and Fields PC, represents clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation in Colorado Springs, El Paso County and the surrounding areas, including, Security-Widefield, City of Fountain, Cimarron Hills, Fort Carson, Black Forest, Woodmoor, City of Woodland Park, Stratmoor, Air Force Academy, Gleneagle, Town of Monument, City of Manitou Springs, Town of Palmer Lake, Cascade-Chipita Park, City of Cripple Creek, and Ellicott.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact the Colorado Springs injury lawyers at Pribila and Fields PC for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights. Call 719-888-3720.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a burn injury attorney in Colorado Springs, it's crucial to find someone with extensive experience in burn injury cases. The complexity of these cases demands a lawyer who understands the medical and legal nuances involved. At our firm, we have over four decades of collective experience, giving us the expertise necessary to navigate these challenging cases and advocate effectively for the maximum compensation.
Pursuing compensation with a burn injury lawyer in Colorado Springs can involve claiming for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and long-term care needs. Our legal team focuses on ensuring that every potential area of compensation is explored to support your recovery and future security, addressing both immediate and long-term financial impacts of your injury.
Hiring a local Colorado Springs burn injury attorney offers numerous benefits, including a deep understanding of Colorado's legal landscape and a network of local resources that can be leveraged to strengthen your case. We are deeply familiar with the local court systems and have established relationships with medical and investigative experts in the area, all of which contribute to a tailored and effective legal strategy.
Acting quickly after sustaining a burn injury is critical to preserving your legal rights and ensuring your case is as strong as possible. Contact us immediately so we can begin collecting evidence, securing expert testimonies, and filing necessary paperwork before deadlines. Prompt action can significantly influence the outcome of your compensation claim, helping to secure the resources necessary for a comprehensive recovery.

Additional Information in Colorado Springs

American Burn Association - Advanced Burn Life Support Course: Comprehensive training on the immediate care of burn patients through initial assessment and management, stabilization, and preparation for transport to a burn center. This manual is crucial in a legal context as it sets the standards for burn care, which can be used in medical malpractice cases to assess whether the appropriate standard of care was met in treating burn victims.
Children's Safety Network - Fire and Burn Prevention 2021 Resource Guide: Provides guidelines and strategies to prevent fire-related injuries and burns among children. It includes statistical data on burn injuries, outlines risk factors, and suggests preventive measures tailored for different settings such as homes, schools, and public areas. It is instrumental in burn injury law by offering documented prevention techniques that can establish standards for safety regulations and liability in cases of negligence leading to burn injuries.
Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Burn Awareness: Comprehensive resource on burn prevention, highlighting causes, statistics, and safety tips to reduce burn injuries. It emphasizes preventive measures like proper cooking practices and installing smoke detectors, tailored to specific groups such as children and people with disabilities. This information can indirectly support legal standards by promoting safety and awareness, thus potentially impacting regulations and responsibilities concerning burn injuries
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