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Have you been attacked by a dog in Colorado?

The dog owner – and anyone who had control over the dog – should be held responsible, and you should be compensated for your injuries and suffering.  How you can pursue your claim depends on how badly you were hurt, the dog owner’s actions and whether the dog had vicious propensities.  If your injuries are serious and life-threatening, the law makes the dog owner automatically liable for your medical expenses (this is called “strict liability”).  If you were bitten or attacked while you were on the dog owner’s property, then your case is covered by the Colorado Premises Liability Act.  This is a complicated area of the law that provides a standard for dog owners depending on whether you were on the property as a trespasser, as a social guest or to do business.  Finally, the dog owner can also be held liable for your injuries if he or she knew that the dog had attacked others in the past, or if there were violations of state laws or city ordinances.  At times, the most difficult aspect of these type of cases is determining whether there is insurance coverage or if the dog owner otherwise has the capability to pay for damages.  Finding out about applicable insurance policies is particularly important as coverage may exist to help you defray some of your medical expenses. 

At Pribila and Fields PC, we handle these dog attack cases that other firms often refuse to touch.  Investigations into these cases often require communicating with the police department, animal control or the Humane Society.  Dog owners are often reluctant to cooperate and provide necessary insurance information.  Further, there could be some difficulty in obtaining information promptly from different government agencies.  Finally, if you do not have the capability to pay for treatment of your injuries, our firm may be able to work with your healthcare providers, your health insurance carrier or medical financing companies to allow you to continue to treat until complete recovery.  Knowing the full extent of your injuries and losses is crucial as resolution of these cases, whether by settlement or trial, are final. 

Dog Attack Lawyer Colorado Springs

Let us help you seek compensation and guide you through Colorado’s dog attack laws and the complicated process of pursuing these claims.  We do not dabble in different areas of the law.  Since 1989, our firm has focused exclusively on personal injury law, which means that our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and expertise to  provide you with excellent and zealous representation.  Our firm is proudly, a DIFFERENT KIND OF LAW FIRM.  We will communicate with you so that you are never in the dark about your case.  From the first consultation, you will meet with a lawyer about your case.  From our first meeting to settlement or trial, you can be assured that you will have open and honest advice from us.  We will pursue your claim with dignity and integrity – because all you really want is to be compensated for what you are going through, no more but no less.