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Have you been hurt on someone’s property in Colorado?

Seeking compensation against a landowner – called a premises liability claim – is complicated.  The popular idea that you can get your medical bills paid simply because you were injured on someone’s property is untrue.  In reality, there are a number of hurdles that you must overcome in pursuing a premises liability claim.  The way your case develops depends on many different factors, including why you were on the property, what caused you to sustain an injury, and the nature of your injuries.  In fact, there are so many issues that arise with this type of claim that many plaintiff’s law firms refuse to handle these types of claims altogether.

Slip and Fall Attorney Colorado Springs

These issues include:

  • Who is responsible for your injuries?  The Colorado Premises Liability Act is broad about this issue, such that it could include many persons or entities beyond who owns the land where you were injured.  For example, if you slipped and fell on ice, it could include the snow removal company who failed to clear the area of ice and snow, or it could be the store leasing the space who was contractually responsible for the area.  If you slipped and fell on government property, then you must also consider whether the law allows you to make a claim in the first place. 
  • Why were you on the property? The Colorado Premises Liability Act provides the standard for landowners which depends on whether you were a trespasser, social guest or someone who was there on business.  For example, if you were on the property to visit a friend, then the law only requires that the landowner protect you from dangers of which it actually knew.  If you were at a grocery store to shop, then the law provides the highest protection – the landowner must exercise reasonable care to protect you from dangers of which it knew or should have known. 
  • Were you paying attention?  In almost all of these cases, landowners defend that they were not responsible because the injured person should have been paying more attention.  The reality of life however, is different. You may have been at the grocery store to shop and so would, understandably, look at the items on the shelves rather than where you are walking.

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